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FourFourTwo Portfolio

FourFourTwo is the largest football magazine brand in the world with 22 separate local editions.  Australian FourFourTwo launched in 2005 having identified football as the biggest participated sport and the encouraging development and success of the national team.

Since then football has grabbed a major slice of the sporting market in Australia and continues to develop the domestic league, international, youth and women’s football.   Football continues to become a major political force catapulting Australia onto the global stage through the participation within the Asian football confederation and bidding for the 2022 World Cup.

With this rapid success story for football fans need a primary source of information to follow, engage and debate their passion and FFT is the perfect mix of serious insight and opinion, cutting edge photography and irreverent humour.

FourFourTwo takes consumers to places in football no one else can and provides the perfect environment to align your products and services with the world’s biggest game.

In the Mag

Australia’s number 1 magazine with unrivalled access to the biggest names in Australian and World football with the perfect blend of in-depth features, top class columnists, cutting edge photography and a witty and irreverent tone appealing to the proactive Australian football fans.  Readership 83,000.

On the Web

Our award winning website continues to lead the way for Australian football coverage and a primary source of information for the 240,000+ army of followers keeping them informed and educated with all the breaking news every month.

On the Mobile

Smart phone configured mobile destination brings you the entirety of the FFT website in the palm of your hand.  Having launched an updated in 2015, our mobile traffic now accounts for 60% of our overall traffic.  Tenancy sponsorship available now on and in app.

On the Podcast

Well over 200 shows released of the 442FM podcast is going out every week capturing the serious and passionate debate from the FFT experts and esteemed invited guests with the perfect blend of witty banter and irreverence.  Regularly appears in the Top10 Sport Podcasts in Australia.

On the iPad

The latest launch for the FFT portfolio see’s the full version of the magazine specifically designed for the iPad with a host of extras each month including video, audio and image gallery’s.  Available in iTunes with some truly exciting brand integration activations available.


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FourFourTwo continues to raise the bar for coverage of sport. 

The multiple touch points with our proactive and engaged audience makes FourFourTwo the essential platform to up-weight any male targeted lifestyle campaign.

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