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3 September 2016
Twelve months ago, FourFourTwo put together our first annual feature on who we consider the 15 best football managers in Southeast Asia. A year later we've done it again and it includes some first-timers, some familiar faces and a new No.1...
8 July 2016
The dimunitive Les Bleus striker kept his cool to help his team through to the final of Euro 2016, as Arsenal's rock solid centre-back kept things tight at the back…
3 July 2016
Antonio Conte's Italy put up a good fight but if you go to penalties against the Germans, there's only one outcome. Or so we thought. FFT's Harriet Drudge explains...
26 June 2016
Wales beat Northern Ireland to reach the last eight of the Euros. Ben Clark digests the game using Stats Zone
21 June 2016
Wales nabbed first place in Group B as England toiled in vain to try and grab victory with a much-changed side…
21 June 2016
Chris Coleman's charges were utterly dominant in their final Group B encounter as they qualified for the round of 16 in first place. Greg Lea analyses how they did it...
20 June 2016
Both teams went through, but won't go far unless they improve
20 June 2016
Are all these late strikes at Euro 2016 actually a new occurence?
19 June 2016
The Portuguese superstar kept those stats boffins at Opta Towers busy against Austria. Unfortunately for him, though, his latest collection of records don't stack up favourably...  


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