Gallery: Brazil slice of life

FourFourTwo Australia Editor in Chief Kevin Airs captured these stunning images on a stretch of beach outside his hotel and just round the corner from where the Socceroos are staying.

The seaside town of Vitoria is a favourite for beach volleyball played with the head, feet, knees and shoulders - but not hands - in astonishing rallies that last for minutes at a time.

Our happy snapper also caught up with the Rio Branco Beach Soccer Club.

Stick around until the end and see the Congo Capibaxa group rock some colour.

The group stormed the beach in what looked like a protest march. As it turns out they were just picking their spot to celebrate life!

It's a serious business having fun, and this group has their  own band, choir and dance troupe - and not one member under 60!

Airs said of his encounter: "It's a beautiful spot, and feels very Australian with a Brazillian accent."

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