Musica Copa returns: Sony Music Q&A

In the last of this week’s Q and As leading into Musica Copa on December 5, we chat with Sony Music captain Steve Holcroft who tells us about his football idol and how he rates the A-League.

Check out his answers below.

Meanwhile, after last year’s huge success, Musica Copa returns bigger than ever to Marrickville’s KIKOFF centre at Fraser Park.

“As far as music industry events go, last year’s Musica Copa brought something fresh and exciting to the often tiresome and cliched format” said state co-founders Paul Stix (UNDR ctrl) and Martin Novosel (Purple Sneakers, Boundary Sounds).

“This year we’re taking it up a level, with more teams, improved infrastructure and more to be donated to charity – demonstrating that the music industry can not only have fun, but give back to the community whilst doing so”.

Fans will be able to experience Musica Copa firsthand, with organisers offering the chance for two lucky winners to hang out with the stars, joining in for a full day of behind the scenes footy, music and beers, plus some amazing merchandise, festival tickets, headphones and more.

For more information on how to enter, plus for your chance to win runners-up VIP days out at Musica Copa, head here and register.



MC: Who’s your all-time favourite player and why?

SH: Emile Heskey – I just love that a guy can deliver no results for so long but still have an impressively long career at club and international level. In all serious growing up playing Rugby League whenever I played soccer/football at school the other kids shoved me in goals so I always looked to the great keepers, Peter Schmeichel, Oliver Kahn.

MC: Which team do you support?

SH: Brighton & Hove Albion FC. I lived in Brighton for a period and got into the local spirit, plus you know... Fatboy Slim.

MC: How do you rate the A-League?

SH: Getting better and better each year. The atmosphere at the games is the best in any Australian sporting league currently. Hopefully soon my English cousins won’t laugh when I choose a local team against the might of Chelsea or Liverpool when we battle on FIFA.

MC: What’s the greatest goal you’ve ever seen?

SH: That amazing goal Roberto Carlos scored from the goal line out wide on the wrong side for a left footer, curling it in magically.

MC: What’s the best match you’ve ever seen / been to?

SH: Nothing will beat the feeling of that AUS vs Uruguay qualifier in 2005. I also got caught up in a riot between Brighton fans and Crystal Palace fans that was the day I found out there was a rivalry between the two teams. It was a rather tame riot, I simply asked both lines and the police/riot squad if I could pass through and I was on my way.

MC: What’s your position on the pitch?

SH: GK - although I think that position will be hotly contested in the Sony team but I’m just as effective in the field as a holding striker or an imposing centre-back.

MC: Who’s your secret weapon for Musica Copa?

SH: JOYRIDE – The acquisition of the hottest free-agent on the market was a key part of our first-year plans. Elefant Traks were not best pleased.

MC: Which other Musica Copa team would you most like to play against and why?

SH: Universal – it’s the old firm, Rangers vs Celtic (minus the religious sectarianism and the team currently in the 3rd division)

MC: How do you think you’ll go in the tournament?

SH: #1 is #1 whether it be on the ARIA Charts or on the football pitch

MC: Tell us about the charity you have nominated?

SH: The Sony Foundation is the charitable arm of the Sony Group of Companies in Australia and was established in 1999. It currently has five major charity partnerships; You Can (national youth cancer campaign in partnership with CanTeen), Children’s Holiday Camp Program (Sony Foundation has funded 25 camps across Australia in 2014, the holiday camps provide much needed respite for parents/carers of children with special needs), Operation: Acoustic (bringing music to the bedsides of children and young adults in hospital), Youth Off The Streets and The Salvation Army. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised $20 million for youth-focused causes. (Find out more about the foundation here)