Our finest hour?

It usually requires an extraordinary set of circumstances for a team languishing at the foot of the table to feel like world-beaters. But that is exactly how Melbourne Heart feel right now.

The bottled up frustration of a tumultuous season spilled over into pure ecstasy. The backs-against-the-wall victory never felt as if it was, as Heart had the better of the play despite the controversial red card to Orlando Engelaar, and could have even scored a couple more.

I would say with great confidence that this game was by far our best performance for the season.

Was this assisted by Sydney failing to show up in the second half to take advantage of their numerical advantage? Did our first goal result from a howler from Sydney goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic? Were we fortunate to have virtually an entire fully fit squad to pick from?

The answer to many of these questions is yes, however you do create much of your own fortune in football. John van 't Schip’s decision to bring on David Williams in the 69th minute epitomised the positive outlook the team took to the second half particularly. 

Many other managers in the same circumstances would be happy with a point and would not introduce a new attacking option to push for the win. It was a risky move that could easily have come back to bite if the winning goal had gone Sydney’s way.

The result might not change much in terms of our table position but it will give us a massive confidence boost into the remainder of the season where our new owners will be watching closely ahead of an expected shake-up in the off-season.

The fans who have stuck by the side, kept the faith and kept attending throughout even our most dire days deserve to enjoy this one - and judging by the scenes on the southern end at the end we certainly did.

Circumstantially this could have been the club’s finest performance in our short history, but perhaps other fans have fonder memories of other matches?