PES2015 preview event!

With the help of FourFourTwo and Mindscape Games, football and videogame fans converged on Sydney’s Cheers Bar last Thursday evening for the official preview event of the PES2015 - the latest edition of Pro Evolution Soccer.
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The game, which is published by Konami, harnesses the highly anticipated Fox Engine, a next-gen feature which allows for accurate simulations of players, stadia and crowds, allowing for a seamless football gaming experience.

Sharene Kirchler, product manager at Mindscape Asia Pacific, was delighted by the turnout to the event, and hailed the positive response to the game. 

“The event was a great opportunity not only to connect with fans and new-comers on a more personal level, but to also showcase leaps and bounds that PES 2015 has taken on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in particular,” Kirchler told FourFourTwo.

“We were pleased at the attendance and positive feedback we received from eager players and press alike.”

Injured Sydney FC midfielder Rhyan Grant was also on hand to launch PES, and told FourFourTwo that he was impressed by the look and quality of the game.

“It looks good and the graphics are great. I’m glad we were invited to come out today to test out this next-gen game.”

The game is set to be released mid-November this year.