Aloisi: Fan situation will make football stronger

Brisbane Roar coach John Aloisi believes the current hostility between Football Federation Australia (FFA) and A-League supporters will only make football stronger in the future.

Tensions have been boiling between the governing body and supporters since confidential documents revealing the names and faces of those on the FFA ban list were published by the Daily Telegraph. 

FFA's failure to provide a fair banning and appeals process has been brought to mainstream attention, while the governing body has also failed to defend football supporters against negative and hysterical comments from some parts of the media.

Fans have been forced to boycott A-League games as they attempt to kick FFA into action to resolve these issues. 

Brisbane Roar's active supporters group, The Den, announced yesterday they support the league-wide boycotts and will boycott themselves if the issues are not resolved before their next home game in late December. 

Aloisi admitted he understood where the fans are coming from and believes the unity shown by supporters from all the clubs will make football stronger in the long-term. 

"I can understand where the fans are coming from," Aloisi told Fox Sports. "It never should have got leaked what came out.

"I think what it has done is pull the supporter groups together from all the different teams. We just want it to end and make sure that we're talking about football again.

"They've (the fans) got their view on it and we have to respect what the supporters are trying to do. They're trying to make sure that the ones that have been unfairly punished that are treated to a fair trial.

"It's only a minority that have caused problems and of course we don't them at our games. The majority of supporters at every club are there to watch football, there to support their club and they're good people. 

"I think this will make our code stronger. You can see how many people are coming out and saying how they support our game and support football.

"It's not ideal to have stadiums empty at the moment but let's hope it gets resolved quickly."