'Bring the Fury back!'

Former North Queensland player Rostyn Griffiths has thrown his support behind Fury's return to the A-League.

Fury were axed in March 2011 after just two seasons in the competition because of financial difficulties.

But the club still exists, playing in National Premier Leagues Queensland as the Northern Fury, and has launched an ambitious bid to push for re-entry back into the A-League.

Griffiths, who has just returned to the A-League with Perth Glory, played for Fury in its debut season in the competition in 2009, making 23 appearances and scoring three times, including the club’s first ever A-League goal.

and the defensive midfielder is keen to see the side return to the top flight.

“I had a great time up there,” Griffiths said. “It was pretty good for me as a young player to get a lot of game time but the response we got in North Queensland from the fans, was quite overwhelming compared to the population size.

"We had a load of people coming to the games. It’s a good place to be.

“There seems to be some not bad talent coming through from there as well so it would be nice to see teams added to the league wherever it is, whether it’s Townsville or wherever when the timing’s right.”

Former Perth and Fury coach Ian Ferguson has been appointed as the Fury’s director of football and coaching and ex-FFA staffer Bonita Mersiades has been enlisted as a consultant.

The amount of juniors in the area is growing and apart from NRL side the North Queensland Cowboys and NBL club’s Townsville Crocodiles and Cairns Taipans, there are no professional sporting team in any code north of Brisbane.

Fury hope to establish W-League and National Youth League sides first and have a team in the A-League within five years.

Griffiths spent just a season in Townsville before departing to the Mariners, but loved his time at the club.

“It was with Robbie Fowler and I had a great time up there,” he said. “I was only there for nine months in the end but I had a great time.

"It’s a shame it wasn’t done right in the first place. It was unfortunate the financial situation probably crippled it because the amount of fans we were getting per capita, we were certainly getting the right responses.

“Unfortunately it became a financial issue but that’s being in this league, it’s got to be a part of it, but if you can do it right second-time round I’m sure the people will welcome back the league.”



Would much prefer it if Wollongong got the nod before NQ.

I look forward to it though I have a sneaking suspicion the powers that be are looking to expand the A-League into Asia eg: Malaysia and or Indonesia

Yikes! That's quite a claim, I'm not sure we would see anything like that in the next 15 or so years...

My biggest problem with the Fury was the weather.

The amount of times I kept hearing the community was behind them, local business was right in there, it was going to be awesome....... then rain hit and 4,000 turned up.

Cannot wait to see F Troop back in the stands on national TV, also to make that away trip up to the top of Queensland. Was disgusting how NQF was used as a political point scoring exercise instead of the club it should have been.

4000 was all that turned up to most games regardless of the weather and that was the problem the first time around. Being from NQ I really hope that the Fury can get back to the A-League but atm it seems a long way off. I would rather they take their time and connect properly with the community rather than rushing it and facing the same problems the second time around.