CBA still on the table - FFA

Football Federation Australia and A-League clubs reaffirmed the previously offered collective bargaining agreement is still on the table.

The CBA expires on Tuesday, but the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA), FFA and clubs are seemingly no closer to agreement.

FFA and clubs spoke via a teleconference on Monday.

In a statement on behalf of the clubs, Adelaide United chairman Greg Griffin hit out at the PFA for "unrealistic demands".

"The CBA proposal improves the career of A-League players in terms of salaries, longer-term contracting and contract security," he said.

"That’s what players have been asking for and that’s why we believe it’s a compelling offer.

"At the same time, the clubs remain disappointed that the PFA executive continues to push totally unrealistic demands after six months of transparent and detailed negotiations.

"In an environment in which the majority of clubs are making ongoing investments while running operating deficits, the CBA proposal is a common sense outcome for all parties."

The statement said key features of the new CBA for the A-League included:
- new salary cap exemptions and flexibilities that meant a 12 per cent increase in player payments for next season
- A 30 per cent share for players in any lift in the next domestic broadcast rights deal
- An increase in the salary floor to 90 per cent of the cap
- An increase in the minimum A-League salary to $55,000

Head of A-League Damien de Bohun dismissed suggestions there would be a "salary freeze".

The improvements will be implemented even if a formal agreement with the PFA cannot be reached.