Councillors pinged for watching Crystal Palace during debate

Two councillors in the UK were pinged for checking in on the game between Crystal Palace and Everton during a debate by cash-strapped Croydon Council.

The arguments over a local theatre were in full swing when a member of the public captured John Wentworth and Pat Ryan tuned into the Goodison Park game on an iPad.

Resident Gabriella Bush tweeted what she witnessed.

Ryan told the Croydon Guardian: “John turned his iPad on to see what the score was quick. We saw what the score was and we turned it off, but in that time some guy upstairs must have got a shot of it.

“We did check the score, there was a vision on the screen as we checked the score was 0-0, but all we were doing was checking to see how our local team Crystal Palace were doing. We were not ignoring what was going on.

“At that point we weren’t aware that somebody was hanging over the balcony very irate about what they heard or didn’t hear about the Fairfield. They were obviously very irate because they didn’t hear what they wanted to hear and it was an opportunity I suppose.”

Ryan continued: “If people feel I was not concentrating then I can assure them that was not the case. It was fleeting look at the score and that was the end of it. If they are upset by that then I do apologise.”

For the record the Premier League game finished 1-1.

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