Elsey: Intensity won't drop

They're already one of the most intensive sides on the park, but defender Jordan Elsey has revealed their intensity isn't intending to be dropped at all heading into finals, no mattter their form.

“We have seven games left, or seven ‘finals’ as Guillermo (Amor) likes to say, and every game is massive especially the one coming up against Brisbane,” Elsey said.

“Brisbane are on top of us (on the table) and it is going to be a big game which we are definitely up for.

“After training today, we are feeling strong and with more training and preparation before the game, we will be 100 per cent ready for the Roar.

Elsey added: “Other teams probably thought we were an easy (team to come up against) in the past, but now teams are sometimes sitting back and giving us the ball more, which is what we want.

“The playing group and staff have a confident mindset, and if we keep playing like we have and continue to be intimidating to other teams and having them respect us, we can definitely continue this onto the Finals."

Elsey hailed the support he'd received from the football department, particulary on its contribution to him in the last year.

“It has been a good season so far for me, and after being injured for over 12 months, it’s definitely good to be back and to be playing the way I am,” he continued.

“It has been great to have the support around me from the team and coaching staff.

“Amor has helped me develop with his knowledge and experience and he is always there for advice, which has been beneficial to me.

“Guillermo is approachable and he takes us aside if we’re doing something well or not so well and this really helps us improve.”