Experiment: Penalty pressure

In this penalty experiment the stakes are raised to see how pressure affects players stepping up to the spot.  

Penalties are the "the ultimate pressure moments in sports, maybe in life," says sports psychologist Dr Geir Jordet.

This latest minisode in Unibet’s awesome video series #LuckIsNoCoincidence puts that to the test, pitting England side Peacehaven FC against local rivals Newhaven FC. 

And just to make sure there's more than bragging rights on the line, a coveted one-year sponsorship is thrown into the mix.

The pressure is well and truly on.

Ex- England goalkeeper Paul Robinson takes his place between the sticks as the players are hooked up to the latest monitoring technology to track the rise of their heartrates as the stress builds.

Check out how the Peacehaven and Newhaven boys fare.

And the next time you step up to the spot remember this: The team that misses first lose 81.2 % of shootouts.

Pressure? What pressure.

To check out the entire Episode 2: Penalty Special, go to #LuckIsNoCoincidence.