FFA warns participants not to bet on games

Football Federation Australia has reaffirmed its stance on betting after a registered participant in New South Wales was handed a suspended $1,000 fine.

The governing body said a "registered participant" in the state had bet on various A-League matches last year.

A fine was imposed and suspended, subject to the person stopping.

A betting agency alerted the FFA under the terms of an integrity agreement.

It comes after three participants in Western Australia were sanctioned earlier this year for betting on a National Premier Leagues match in the state.

The FFA's National Code of Conduct says:
"4.1 A Member must not engage, directly or indirectly, in:

(a) any bet, wager, gamble or any other form of financial speculation where the relevant person stands to win or gain from the win, draw or loss of any Club competing in a Match;

(b) the throwing or fixing of a Match; or

(c) any conduct or behaviour intended to unfairly affect the result of a Match, including accepting or agreeing to accept any Benefit connected with or relating to the ability of a Member to exercise control over or influence the outcome of a Match so as to bring about a result other than that which would be achieved in a fair contest between the competing teams."

FFA chief executive David Gallop said integrity was the body's focus.

"Under FIFA’s statutes, registered players, coaches, referees and club officials are not allowed to bet on football matches anywhere," he said.

"The FFA National Code of Conduct reflects the FIFA statutes.

"The integrity of football matches at all levels is paramount. Betting on matches is a legal activity, but it must have the safeguards of thorough regulation. FFA is committed to ensuring its regulations are upheld as part of its overall integrity measures."