FourFourTwo's World Cup Stats Zone guide

Want to impress your mates with some cool stats? During the World Cup you have the chance to do just that with Stats Zone.

The party has just kicked off in Brazil and Stats Zone gives you an insider’s understanding of all the action.

FourFourTwo's award-winning analytical iPhone app is also available on your browser, allowing you to analyse each match in greater depth than you ever thought possible for total World Cup STATisfaction.

Tired of dull, un-insightful match analysis? Stats Zone makes you the expert.

If you’re not a regular user of the app, spend a couple of minutes reading this how-to-guide and you’ll be ready to dive in and have a go yourself. It’s that simple…


Stats Zone is a tool that enables you to analyse matches in a way that's never been possible before. During this World Cup in Brazil, Stats Zone will be caught up in the heat of the moment, tracking every pass, shot and tackle throughout the next four weeks.

Using live Opta data provided to us, we visualise every game using pitch views to give you a snapshot of every team and player's performance and tactical shape.
The bewildering array of data categories includes:

  • Shots  – on/off target, blocked, inside/outside the area, woodwork hits, from set plays
  • Passes – with % completion, attacking third, assists, long/short, forward/backward/square, chances created, backpasses and even passes received
  • Attack – crosses, dribbles, corners
  • Defence – tackles, interception, blocks, clearances, headed clearances, aerial duels
  • Fouls – committed, suffered, yellow cards, second yellows, red cards


  • Pre-match - before even a ball is kicked, the stats from previous encounters between the competing nations is ready
  • Live - throughout each and every game throughout the duration of the World Cup
  • Post-match - to work out what went so wrong and what just went so right.


The summary
During live games or post-match, the first page you'll land on when you select a fixture is the summary. This gives a quick overview of the key stats – enough to make you look like an instant expert. From possession stats to analytics on passing, shots, fouls and pass combinations, Stats Zone has you covered. Click on any of those and you'll be taken to your first pitch view. From there, use the navigation above the pitch to check out each and every possible statistic.

Compare teams
The pitch in front of you will display the home team's stats. To see the away team, just click on the button with that team's name on it at the top of the pitch.

Match timeline
Underneath the pitch is a timeline that allows you to focus on a particular period of the game. Simply click and grab the bar at the end of the timeline and drag it to the position you want.

Player/Team dashboard
Shows every 'event' from the match. Sure, the team dashboards can be a little overwhelming at first, but they're useful for a snapshot of the game as a whole. Player dashboards are a great way of checking a player's overall contribution to their team's effort.

Player influence
Shows which players are dictating the match, calculated using 'on the ball' events (passes, tackles, shots, interceptions, etc). The larger the player's name, the more involvement they've had. The position of their name on the pitch shows their average position. Use the match timeline to track a player's rising or waning influence over the course of the match.

We could go on but you get the gist, we hope. Join in on the Samba (virtual) party. Get in there and start playing about - you'll find your way round - and remember that there's also an iOS app version. Have fun, and try not to party too hard…