Gallop defends FFA banning process

Football Federation Australia (FFA) CEO David Gallop has defended the governing body's banning process despite wide-spread condemnation by A-League supporters around the country.

Supporters across the league staged protests against FFA in the latest round of the A-League in regards to their banning and appeal process for fans.

The process has come under increased scrutiny since the Daily Telegraph published the list of the alleged 198 members of FFA's banned list a fortnight ago.

Gallop held a press conference on Tuesday to clear-up the process that has outraged football supporters across the country.

"We don't ban people without clear evidence," Gallop said.

"We have a zero tolerance policy for anti-social behaviour at A-League matches for a reason. We want the vast majority of fans to go along in a safe environment. 

"The appeals process we've had in place for seven years now needs some fine tuning."

Gallop said fans can appeal their bans as long as they provide strong evidence that FFA made a mistake.

However, the evidence used by FFA to ban people is not accesible to fans.

"The way these things are looked at is we gather information from various places," he said. "By it's very nature this information must be confidential.

"If there's proof you did not engage in anti-social behaviour, then of course the ban will be overturned. 

"If we've made a mistake, we will overturn a ban."

Gallop then went on to ask fans to turn their energy in a more "positive way".

"We've listened to the fan this week," he said. "We've seen the energy, but that has to be used positively."

Watch Gallop's press conference below:

Posted by FourFourTwo Australia on Monday, 30 November 2015