Gutted McDonald slams rival for simulation

Australian Scott McDonald has labelled the red card offence which could end his season as a “nothing incident” and blasted his opponent for simulation.

The 26-time Socceroos striker faces an automatic three-match ban following a stoppage-time send off against St Mirren which would see him miss Motherwell’s SPL playoffs.

Motherwell will appeal the ban for an alleged elbow on St Mirren’s Thomas Reilly.

McDonald has been left “devastated” by the potentially season-ending suspension, as he’s desperate to help Motherwell fight the drop against either Rangers or Hibernian.

He told the Daily Record he was innocent and lambasted his opponent for making something out of nothing.

“He knew it wasn’t a bad one but he rolled around as if I’d taken half his head off,” McDonald said.

“He says I didn’t catch him intentionally. I’m saying I didn’t catch him at all.

“I even heard one of his team-mates was laughing about it on radio on Sunday, admitting it was an over-reaction.

“So on the one hand it’s good of him to speak up for me but, on the other, if he hadn’t made such a big deal out of a nothing incident in the first place then perhaps I wouldn’t be in this situation.

“I knew straight away I hadn’t hurt him because I knew I hadn’t touched him.”

McDonald will leave Motherwell at the end of the season and has been linked with relegated Championship club Wigan.

“If the decision is upheld then I could be leaving Motherwell under an enormous black cloud,” McDonald said.

“I’ll feel as if I have let the club down massively. Either way, we’ve still got a good chance to stay up but I desperately want to play my part.”

In other news, McDonald was cleared of any wrongdoing following reports of an angry pre-match exchange with the St Mirren public announcer.