Herring big things about our Roda Roos?

You know a club has taken you to their heart when they ask you to down raw forage fish for wider public consumption.

Our Roda Roos – Rostyn Griffiths, Tomi Juric and Daniel de Silva - were introduced to some local Dutch delicacies and had no problem scoffing the vlaai (pie), drop (Dutch licorice) and pepernoten (spice biscuits).

Not so the herring. But more of that in a moment.

In a general get-to-know-you the Aussies revealed the dressing room music – under the direction of Henk Dijkhuizen – was “not the best” and they miss “good coffee” and “barbecue meat”.

No sooner had they lauded the tough Aussie mentality than the interviewer produced slabs of herring and told them to throw back their heads, open their mouths and think of Australia.

We don’t know if the fish was “soused” or “pickled” – both legitimate culinary terms evidently. Either way that acclaimed mental steel was sadly lacking when the lads tried to eten een haring.

FourFourTwo reckons they cod do batter. Better scale back on the fish boys.

Watch and see what happens.

The former A-League stars have made a strong start to life in the Eredivisie.

Griffiths and Juric have both been on target, the latter scoring in his first ever league start last month, with all three Australians on the pitch at the same time.

Four days earlier the former Western Sydney Wanderers striker fired one home in the KNVB Beker Cup.

No wonder there was a demand to see the boys enjoying the local fare.

We can only wonder if earlier Roda Roos Zeljko Kalac and Graham Arnold received the same treats-ment.

(Pic/video courtesy of Roda JC)