Japan ready to host Qatar World Cup

Japan is ready to hold the controversy-plagued 2022 FIFA World Cup if Qatar is stripped of hosting rights.

With the Tokyo Olympics kicking off in 2020, Japan’s football chief Kuniya Daini says the country is well placed to take on football’s global showpiece.

"If FIFA look for an alternative country, we already have the stadiums that would meet the criteria to host it," he told AFP.

"We have the Olympics in 2020. If there is a chance, we'd like to do it, although I don't know how likely that would be."

FIFA’s ethics committee has launched an investigation into the decision to hand the 2022 tournament to Qatar.

Reports of corruption in the bidding process have dogged the hosts.Tournament preparations have been plunged into further crisis over the treatment of foreign construction workers.

The oil-rich Arab nation was a surprise choice as host after a FIFA technical report highlighted the intense heat in summer, leading to speculation the tournament would need to be shifted to winter.

Japan, who co-hosted the 2002 World Cup with South Korea, was among the nations overlooked for 2022. Australia, South Korea and the United States also lodged bids.

Football Federation Australia supremo Frank Lowy has reiterated his demand for compensation after Australia spent $43 million on a chance to hold the world's largest sporting event.

"I took full responsibility for our bid, but it was not a level playing field," Lowy said recently.

"I said at the time this is not the last that we will hear about the bid process and never have I spoken a truer word.

"The jury is still out as to what is going to happen.

"Whether we'll get our money back or not it's hard to say, but I certainly put the claim in."