Kruse gives up World Cup dream

Socceroo Robbie Kruse has accepted he won't make it on the plane to Brazil even if he's on the road to recovery with his heartbreaking anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Kruse, 25, had looked a dead cert to make the final squad after a series of impressive performances for the green and gold, including his tour de force in the World Cup qualifier against Jordan where he set up two and scored one.
He was also proving a fan favourite in the Bundesliga where he notched up two goals and two assists from four starts for Bayer Leverkusen this season before his devastating blow during the league's winter break last month.
Even in the wake of the crushing prognosis that he faces up to a year out of action, Kruse was still clinging to the hope he could bounce back in time to make it to the World Cup with Australia.
But now he has accepted the grim reality that he will have to watch from the stands.
"My main objective is to be back next season," he told "I don't want to go to the World Cup just to sit on the bench, wanting to play.
"If I can't play I don’t want to take the position of another player who can do a better job than me."
Brisbane-born Kruse admitted the psychological effect of the injury and missing out on the World Cup had taken its toll.
"It's quite difficult mentally, but I've got lots of support here so hopefully it will continue," Kruse said. "It was disappointing and I was very upset. I'd been training so well, but life goes on.
"I've got to work hard and try to come back."
Now his focus is all on his rehab and in the long-term,  a place in Australia's Asian Cup squad.
He added: "The first one month is quite boring and long.
"You've got do all the basics, but I know all the foundations are being laid then and after the first month is done, I can start to get gradually better and better and start doing more things."