A-League clubs slam the door on player pay talks

A-League clubs have slammed the door on further player pay negotiations, according to Adelaide United chairman Greg Griffin.

The Reds’ boss said talks with Professional Footballers Australia were closed as clubs move to endorse Football Federation Australia’s regulations in the proposed new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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The CBA expired last Tuesday, with the PFA rejecting the final pay deal after six months of negotiations.

Griffin said the new regulations would be introduced regardless of the PFA’s approval but admitted a CBA could be implemented if the players union’ accepted the terms.

“The door is closed,” Griffin told AAP.

“The regulations will now be put in place and if the players’ union executives want to say ‘well let’s put it into a CBA instead of regulations’, that will occur.”

Griffin described as “unrealistic” PFA demands that 30 per cent of all club revenue – including box office, membership, sponsorship, hospitality and merchandise – be redistributed into a player pool.

“Three clubs will turn a profit this year, the rest will not,” Griffin said.

“That’s the winter of our discontent, these ongoing statements which assert the game is in this rosy condition, which it’s not.

“What do they want? Do they want to play in a competition or not?”