Lowy tells A-League bosses: Foundations feel shaky today

Football Federation Australia Chairman Steven Lowy has given a frank assessment of the fans crisis engulfing the A-League, admitting the foundations "feel shaky today".

Lowy held a doorstep immediately following the monthly meeting with chairmen of the A-League clubs.

It followed a round of boycotts by active supporters over the handling of stadium bans by the governing body.

FFA chief, David Gallop will meet with representatives of fan groups tonight.

The gist of Lowy's comments were tweeted by FFA. This is what he had to say:

“There's no doubt we're facing a challenging time, but we're facing it together.

“David Gallop is meeting with active fan groups tonight and we're hoping for a positive outcome. FFA will listen clearly.

“Today we focused on the complexity of the issues. It is around the fans, clubs, stadia, police, and more.

“Everybody is frustrated by this situation. Fans, clubs, and the FFA. We want one thing, to get back to the football. We'll work to that.

“I'm not going to preempt tonight's meeting, but FFA will come to it with an open mind, with the purpose of solving this issue.

“We want to solve this with a consultative process, especially with the fans.

“With the wisdom of the benefit of hindsight, it feels like we could have dealt with this sooner, and dealt with it differently.

“We had a productive discussion with the club chairmen. I opened up by saying so much has been achieved in the last 10-12 years.

“The foundations have been built. Those foundations now need to be strengthened. We need to talk about challenges and opportunities.

“The foundations do feel shaky today. Our objective is to take that away, and to do that with good will, good discussion.

“We're hopeful with face to face dialogue, we have no other desire to get fans back to the game, and to do it quickly.”