Luis Garcia's Liverpool bay pride

Newly arrived Central Coast Mariners marquee Luis Garcia says he is honoured that the Mariners have organised a special bay for Liverpool supporters for tomorrow night’s game against the Western Sydney Wanderers.

Immediately after the Spanish import’s signing became official the Mariners contacted the Australian Liverpool Supporters Group and organised a whole bay at the Central Coast Stadium.

Garcia spent three seasons at Anfield and during his 121 games for the club became a firm fan favourite.

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The Spanish import was aware of the bay and on his arrival at Sydney Airport yesterday and said he felt privileged at the fans support.

“I’m honoured every time that I come here,” he said.

“They treat us very well and hopefully we can bring a lot more and come to watch the games and of course our fans are very happy.

“They showed their response when I came here two weeks ago. I think that there is a big, huge, massive support here from all the fans for Liverpool.”

Garcia added that he was excited about playing at the Central Coast Stadium.

“It’s beautiful,” he said.

“I’ve been sending pictures to my friends they couldn’t believe it. It’s a beautiful place where I’m playing and I’m looking forward to playing there and I’m going to enjoy it."

Central Coast CEO Shaun Mielekamp was also thrilled at the prospect of a full bay of Liverpool fans on Saturday night against the Wanderers.

“It’s fantastic the amount of support and engagement we’ve already had from the Liverpool supporters,” he said.

“It’s such a brilliant opportunity, it’s going to add a sense of intrigue into the match coming up on the weekend. It also really speaks to the challenge for the A-League to attract the EPL and the mass market football fan that’s there.

"So if we can use this as way to actually convert some of them then brilliant.”

Yesterday morning a group of the Australian Liverpool Supporters Club - which numbers over 2000 members - were joined by the former Liverpool star to watch the Reds play the second half of the FA Cup tie against Exeter City at the Cheers Bar in Sydney.

John Mellors, the Chairman of the Supporters Club who was responsible for helping to organise the Garcia Bay, said the Australian Liverpool fans were looking forward to watching one of their heroes in action.

 “I’m thrilled,” he said “He’s a cult folklore hero is the best way to describe him for Liverpool fans. He’s a really nice guy and a really genuine guy. He’s also got a brilliant song the Sangria song. It’s a great song and you’ll hopefully hear it on Saturday night if the Wanderers fans don’t drown us out.”

Central Coast Mariner fan Erin Morrow was at the airport to greet Garcia and is also looking forward to the game on Saturday night.

“I’m hoping that he’ll make an appearance,” he said.

"I’m also hoping he’ll generate the right excitement to raise the crowds a bit and hopefully it will be an entertaining night. That’s all we all got to be about when we are in last place. I’m definitely hoping that he can help take away that first wooden spoon, we can do without that. And if we can make the finals that would be a bonus.”