McDonald open to A-league deal

Ex-Socceroo Scott McDonald says he’s open to an Australian return next season as he prepares to weigh up his options when his current contract expires.

Melbourne-born McDonald, 31, penned a deal with relegation threatened SPL club Motherwell in February until the end of the season after a mutual release from Millwall.

McDonald has returned to his preferred position as striker at Motherwell - where he spent three-and-a-half successful seasons before joining Celtic - and has scored twice in four appearances, boosting their survival hopes.

However, with Motherwell’s status unclear beyond this term, McDonald told FourFourTwo he will be pondering his options come the European summer.

McDonald’s wife, originally from Southampton where he played early in his career, is pregnant with the couple’s third child, which he said would be a major consideration.

“I’m here (at Motherwell) until the end of the season,” McDonald said.

“That’s all I wanted and it suits both parties at this moment of time.

“Truth be told, I’ve got a lot of football left in me. Whether that’s here – I’d like another crack in England – or whether it’s abroad. I’m open to all sorts of things come this summer.

“To experience new things would be fantastic for me, abroad, in a different league.

“I’m not even ruling out the possibility of coming home shortly as well. That’s something that could interest me also, but the offer would have to be right.

“I’ve got a young family, so all these things come into consideration.”

Despite being a free agent after his release from Millwall in January, McDonald said he hadn’t been contacted by any A-League clubs at this stage.

McDonald said he had relished his return back to the familiar surrounds of former club Motherwell, having stopped enjoying football at Millwall, where he was deployed in a midfield role.

Like Motherwell, Millwall had been battling the drop in England’s Championship.

McDonald revealed he left the club despite having six months left on his deal, due to a clause in his contract.

“I had a situation in my contract whereby if I played so many games, I’d get an extension, so unfortunately with the club not knowing what situation they’d be in next year (with relegation a possibility) it was up for debate,” he said.

“Unfortunately that meant I couldn’t play any more football for the club, or else it would have triggered it.

“I had to just find another place to go and play football because I wasn’t going to sit around and wait to see what was going to happen.”

McDonald is back residing in the Glasgow home he lived in during his previous Celtic and Motherwell days.

He said returning to Fir Park was an easy decision, as the place is like a “home away from home”.

“It’s something they were interested in as soon as they found out I was a free agent,” he said.

“I was keeping my options open at that point in time. Things came up abroad, in Europe and Asia, but like I said, with everything that’s going on with my family, it’s key to stay close to the family and try and help my wife as much as I can.

“It’s funny when you get a little bit older you have to take everything into consideration, not just you and what’s important for you. That was a key role in the decision.”