More salary cap turmoil for Glory

Perth Glory’s season continues to unravel with Football Federation Australia alleging further breaches "significantly in excess" of the A-league salary cap.

FFA has issued the WA outfit with a second Show Cause notice, this time relating to the current season.

Since February the federation has gone through the club's dealings with a fine tooth comb.

Perth Glory players and staff have been interiewed, information retrieved from club files and external specialists sent in to forensically examine the club's records iand financial accounts.

Club owner Tony Sage says his CEO, Jason Brewer, will be sacked if the allegations are proven.

But Sage denied News Ltd reports that the latest notice related to third-party payments made to striker Andy Keogh’s family.

“I met with the FFA today (Wednesday) and my CEO is on to it but it has nothing to do with Andy Keogh," Sage told SBS.

“My CEO and his staff assure me 100 per cent that we are under the cap, even though some things were not previously disclosed.

“I have said to the CEO if he is wrong and the FFA is right, he is out of a job. He said if he is wrong he will fall on his own sword.

“It’s up to the FFA and the CEO to get together and decide who is right and who is wrong."

The fourth-placed A-League side could be stripped of competition points and hit with a heavy fine if found guilty of breaching the cap.

FFA stated the alleged breaches in the current notice include the failure to disclose reportable payments involving:

•          Payments outside of the Standard Player Contract

•          Payments to a player’s family member

•          Payments of player agents’ fees

•          Payment of a third party sponsorship

•          Pre-payment to a player

•          Payment of travel costs

•          Accommodation allowances

•          Provision of motor vehicles

“The value of the undisclosed payments and benefits involved in the alleged breaches would place Perth Glory significantly in excess of the allowable salary cap of $2.55m,” FFA stated.     

“The first Show Cause noticed issued on 12 February this year related to failure to disclose benefits to players relating to accommodation costs, provision of motor vehicles and the payment of agents’ fees for the 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 Hyundai A-League seasons.

“Since issuing the first Show Cause notice, FFA has continued to investigate the club’s Total Player Payments."

Perth Glory has until 5pm on Wednesday April 8 to respond to the Show Cause notice.  

Brewer released a brief statement on Wednesday night saying the club “will respond to this notice and provide further details to the FFA as requested.

“The club will continue to work with the FFA in an open and transparent manner until this issue is finalised."