NPLV set for 2014 as FFA tipped to take over

THE NATIONAL Premier League Victoria is expected go ahead in 2014 despite a court injunction restricting Football Federation Victoria from implementing their NPL model.

An announcement regarding the NPLV is expected soon after FFV missed a Football Federation Australia deadline on a decision about the competition.
FFV was ready to announce successful applicants for the 2014 NPVL in September, until they were restrained by a court order when the majority of the big clubs in the state said they would not submit an application under FFV’s model.
FFA Chief Executive David Gallop has previously stated that the National Premier League will be implemented across all states by 2014, but a rift with clubs saw FFV stopped by a court injunction from proceedig with their model next year.
Despite that though, the 60+ co-signatory clubs who united to fight the FFV’s NPL model, last month said they were told by the FFA to still prepare for a National Premier League next season.
The co-signatories and FFA have been working closely over the past month in preparation for the NPLV for 2014.
The FFA are also tipped to take control at FFV over state body's determination to proceed with an NPL model that club officials insist was never viable for local football. 
The FFA are said to be unhappy with the way the FFV board has handled the NPL implementation and the saga with clubs that subsequently followed.
State Manager of the NPL at FFV, Tim Frampton, has also come under immense scrutiny from many involved in Victorian football, with communication between federation and clubs said to be a main factor in the failed attempt to implement the FFV’s NPL model in 2014.
An announcement is expected in the coming days regarding the possible roll-out of the NPLV for next year and the fate of Football Federation Victoria.