PFA warns Mariners to stop bullying Reddy

Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has warned Central Coast Mariners they face legal action if they continue “to bully and harass” Liam Reddy out of the club.

The Mariners announced on Wednesday the 34-year-old goalkeeper had been stood down indefinitely over an ongoing series of off-field issues.

Last chance Reddy stood down

But PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian said the A-League outfit was in breach of its legal obligations to the player.

“Despite having been one of the Mariners’ most consistent and important players over the past few seasons, Liam was this week informed that he is no longer in the clubs plans,” Vivian said.

“In an attempt to force Liam to leave on terms suitable to the club, the Mariners have threatened him with the prospect of training alone and have issued him with a second written breach notice, despite never having received a first.

“This action taken by the club is simply unacceptable and is hugely damaging to Liam’s reputation and, more broadly, to that of the A-League. The club has demonstrated its unwillingness to deal with Liam in a professional and respectful manner.

“If the club does not cease in its attempts to force Liam out of the Mariners and continues to disregard his contractual rights the PFA will not hesitate to take action.”

Reddy was sacked by Sydney FC in 2012 for being drunk on a flight. During the days of the old NSL he punched Parramatta Powere teammate Mark Byrnes.