Professional City women showcase the W-League

Melbourne City may have ran away with the W-League this season but for manager Joe Montemurro believes the results have come from treating the players as the professionals that they are.

The richest club in the W-League won all fourteen games this season - semi-final and final inclusive - in a runaway season that set a new bar for women's football in Australia.

It was widely reported about money being pumped into the women's team, although coach Joe Montemurro admits that some clubs may not be able to afford to do the same.

“I think it’s always difficult to comment on what other clubs should do," Montemurro told the Daily Football Show.

“Each club has different situations and scenarios they have to adhere to.

“We went about it giving professional athletes what they deserve, professional female players what they deserve, and thats high standards and good conditions where they can ply their trade.”

Montemurro was ecstatic with the turnout and the spectacle for the Grand Final despite difficulties that included the stage facing the wrong direction to the crowd.

“Absolutely, I think 4,000 is the second highest W-League grand final attendance ever," he said.

“I think the whole showcase scenario… the reality is that day’s run by Football Federation Australia.

“Membership tickets for Melbourne City weren’t applicable, so we felt it was a great showcase, great day, all credit to people involved this year.”

Ellyse Perry was a no-show for the visitors however after being tied to Cricket Australia on the day of the clash, however Montemurro felt it may not necessarily have affected the result.

“We haven’t seen much of her in the W-League this year so it’s hard to gauge really where she’s at," he said.

“I felt for Dan because he had to select his squad and get his squad sorted so he just needed a decision made so he could get on with things."