Sage out: Glory fans plan boycott

Perth Glory active supporter group The Perth Terrace says members will boycott Sunday’s home match as they demand owner Tony Sage and CEO Jason Brewer depart the club.

The group plan to boycott all future Glory games until further notice as frustration grows following the latest saga, the salary cap scandal.

The boycott will start with Sunday’s home clash against Melbourne City, with the Perth Terrace expecting at least 100 participants.

The group believes many more fans will opt not to renew their memberships next season if Sage and Brewer remain.

A representative from The Perth Terrace, who preferred to remain anonymous, labelled Sage’s ownership of the club “a shambles” and said the issues had been bubbling away for years.

The boycott comes amid the latest news that the FFA intends to issue Glory with a third show cause notice for salary cap breaches in excess of $100,000 in addition to last week’s matter.

The Perth Terrace, normally located behind the goals at the Brewer Street end of nib Stadium, plans to congregate at the main gates at 2.30pm.

The group will stage a silent protest until kickoff at approximately 3pm, but will support the players from outside the ground once the match is underway.

“We are expecting at least 100 people that will join the boycott and refuse to give money to the club and support the players from outside the stadium,” the representative told FourFourTwo.

“The initial reaction has been mixed, some supporters wanting to show support to the players and Kenny Lowe who have been hurt by the club's lies and poor management more than anyone.

“The overall aim of the boycott is to show Sage that Perth Glory will not be tenable if he stays as owner and Brewer as CEO and we hope to hit him a little on the pocket as well.

“We already know of hundreds of fans that won't renew membership while Sage is owner and Brewer is at the club.”

The proposed boycott has swept across social media, garnering interest and generating debate, with some criticism aimed at The Perth Terrace pinpointing Sage given his role in the salary cap scandal and the money he's put into the club.

The Perth Terrace representative claimed the issues with Sage had built up over a number of years.

The representative also pointed to issues under Sage’s ownership such as the independent report he asked to take place by Ric Charlesworth which they claim hasn’t been acted upon, threatening to walk away if fans don’t come to the games and not wanting to fund the women’s team and now the youth.

“We fear as has been the case since Sage took over, the club will continue to be run as a shambles while he remains at the club,” the representative added.

“He has done irreparable damage to our once proud club and we want him gone.

 “We have been rorting the salary cap for the last three seasons and it is unacceptable to us and brings shame to the club.

“Management lies to our fans and players assuring us we will be found not guilty.”

Fellow supporter group Glory Fans United shared The Perth Terrace’s post on Facebook and added: “If you agree with the message from the Terrace guys, make sure you help participate in the protest.

“They want ALL Glory fans, from ALL parts of the Stadium to make their voice heard.”

There has also been criticism of the proposed boycott due to its effect on the coaches and players who have been caught up in the scandal unfairly.

“Yes the players have been hurt by this scandal, we are not intending to hurt them anymore,” the representative added.

“This is one of the reasons that we chose to protest outside the stadium, so as to minimise the disruption to their match day.

“We feel that the players who have been hurt by this would be supportive of our actions.

“We wish we could be celebrating Danny De Silva moving to Roma, which is a massive moment in Australian sport.

“It is such a shame that Sage and Brewer have forced us into this action.”

Perth Glory were unavailable for comment.