Sarota: My ankle was at 90 degrees!

Three-time Socceroo Adam Sarota has recalled the moment he broke his leg earlier this year in the Netherlands, in light of Demba Ba’s sickening injury.

Sarota, 27, is on the road to recovery with a view to a return to fitness in November after breaking his left leg playing for Go Ahead Eagles in April.

The ex-Brisbane Roar midfielder suffered a spiral fracture which left his ankle sitting 90 degrees to rest of his leg, reminiscent of Ba’s injury sustained playing in China on the weekend.

“My left ankle was completely 90 degrees. If you look at a clock, it was facing nine o’clock,” Sarota told FourFourTwo.

“I got a long ball. It was one of those ones where the keeper either comes or stays. 

“The keeper was in no man’s land. I thought I’ll lob it over the keeper and then as I went to kick the ball I looked up and he’s jumped on me.

“I was kicking with my right foot, so my left ankle was dragging along the ground. The weight of him in the tackle twisted my ankle into an uncomfortable position. 

“It happened and because I’ve never broken a bone in my body before, I thought it was a normal tackle like a shoulder to shoulder. 

“I didn’t think much of it until I was on the ground rolling and I looked at my foot. I thought ‘that’s a bit strange, it shouldn’t look like that’.  

“I had to take a second to think that’s not how it’s supposed to be.”

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Sarota had only joined Go Ahead Eagles in January on a six-month deal which has expired, leaving him uncontracted.

He is currently doing his rehabilitation with a program guided by his former club physiotherapist at Utrecht where he still lives in his previous apartment.

Sarota is determined to diligently complete his rehabilitation and said he has progressed better than expected so far.

The Cairns-born talent is confident he can win a new contract when fit.

“The way it’s going I have a lot of confidence that once I’m fit it should be no problem to get a contract,” Sarota said.

“The first thing I’m concentrating is to do my rehab well. If you cut corners in your rehab you’re going to notice it later. 

“There’s no point cutting the corners now and saving two weeks, when it can cost you a lot in the long run.”

Sarota’s former club Go Ahead Eagles will compete in the Eredivisie this upcoming season and promotion last term.

“When I’m fit they said they’d want to have a look at me,” Sarota said about the Eagles. 

“That’s in the back of my head, because I’m fully concentrated on the rehab.”

Sarota has been in the Netherlands since 2010, besides for a one season loan spell with Roar but is open to options in Europe and Australia.

“I’d be happy playing anywhere if the team was right for me and it was a competitive league,” he said. 

“I’m not too hung up on one country or one type of league. If I get the opportunity to play in any competitive league, here or anywhere else in Europe or Australia, I’d have no issues with that at all.”