South Melbourne call for national second tier

Former NSL powerhouse club South Melbourne FC say that clubs in the NPL deserve a chance to be included in a national second tier so they have an opportunity to be promoted to the A-League.

South Melbourne is one of Australia’s most successful football clubs winning four championships in the former NSL as well as producing 52 Socceroos since their inception in 1959.

During the launch of the A-League South Melbourne did not lodge an application to be part of the new competition due in part to falling into voluntary administration around that time.

But today South Melbourne are knocking on the A-League’s door and hope to one day join Australia’s premier club competition via expansion or through a system of promotion and relegation.

“The game needs to evolve,” said a spokesperson for South Melbourne. “There needs to be a carrot for those clubs in the State Leagues who are able to grow and operate at a higher level.

“There are some remarkable clubs in the State Leagues across the country who would make perfect candidates to be accepted into the B-League / Second Division. Whether they played a role in the NSL or have emerged through the hard work of the State Leagues, clubs deserve a chance to aspire to being something bigger
and better. Right now it is a closed door and aspirational football from a club sense is non-existent in Australian football.

“We obviously welcome the advent of Promotion and Relelgation for the good of the game.”

South Melbourne FC believe they are in a much better financial shape today than they were during the demise of the NSL when the club were in extreme financial difficulty.

Today the Oceania team of the Century has over of 6000 club members, and a strong visibility on social media with 80,000 followers on their social media platforms a number that is higher than most A- League teams. The club says it has 80 Corporate Partners and notably has a front of shirt sponsor with Toyota.

“We have strong financial backing and a strong financial model including a great stadium deal, which would see us very profitable in the A-League,” said the South Melbourne FC Spokesperson. 

“In 2016, we will have over 90 people engaged with the club (excluding players), ranging from media, back end office, and marketing staff, to our coaches, youth and our valued match day volunteers. 

“We have a large and wonderful team ready to perform at the next level.”

Con Stamocostas is an Australian football writer. Click here to see more of his work and check out the latest episode of his A-League Snobcast with co-host Rob Toddler.

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Promotion and relegation from the A-League is essential for three main reasons; fosters a culture of excellence in football in Australia as clubs play the penalty for sloppy administration, culture etc. or are rewarded for the reverse; unites the game in Australia as all clubs can harbour ambitions to play in the A-League and adds further excitement to the season as fans can now also speculate on who is being promoted and relegated. This in turn further promotes football from the grassroots to the professional level.
Another and important advantage is that it distinguishes football, like the FFA Cup does, from the rival codes.