Vidosic: The tank is full

Dario Vidosic, the hero in Western Sydney’s history-making win against Brisbane Roar, says the Wanderers will have more than enough left in the tank when they face the Reds in Sunday’s Grand Final at Adelaide Oval.

In one of the most remarkable games in the history of the A-League, the Wanderers fought back from a 3-0 deficit in the first 20 minutes to win 5-4. With the score locked at 4-4 in extra time, second half substitute, Vidosic, fired home the winning goal to send Western Sydney to their third A-League title decider.

Vidosic says that while the Wanderers will take inspiration from the semi final win, he denied the team was running on empty.

“The tank is full,” he said. “That is something that no-one has to worry about.

“People probably think that ‘they played 120 minutes and it’s such a high intensity game,’ but we take it all as a positive. We got seven days to recover which is plenty of time.

“It was an amazing game, a history-making game, but unfortunately it will mean very little unless we win on Sunday.

“In the change room we were very happy to have booked a Grand Final. But we know how we work, we put it to the side and we have to make sure we perform even better this weekend.

Vidosic added: “We are the strongest finishing team in the league. We’ve scored the most goals in the finals 15 minutes. So, for us, it’s never over till the referee blows the final whistle

“It’s going to help us because it’s certainly a possibility that it may go into extra time. We’ve dealt with that; we know what it feels like.

“We are ready for any scenario. Whether we finish it in 90 minutes or we have to go to penalties, we are ready for everything.”

The Socceroo said that he has one desire when he walks off Adelaide Oval at the conclusion of Sunday’s game - and that is to not have a single regret.

“After a game like that you don’t want to leave the field thinking if I had done this or if I had done that,” he said.

“So we are making sure in the lead up to kick off that you can stand in front of the mirror and you can say I’m 100% ready and there is nothing I could have done better.

“Not everybody is lucky enough to play in a Grand Final. So we’ve been enjoying the week and we are staying calm and we are just looking forward to what we do best - and that is play football on Sunday.

“The season ends when the referee blows that whistle and one team is going to be very sad and the other is going to be very happy - and we know what side we want to be on.”