Wanderers fans are "grubs" - Police Association of NSW President

Police Association of NSW (PANSW) President, Scott Weber, has labelled Western Sydney Wanderers fans as "grubs" as he calls for the sacking of Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Senator Leyonhjelm went into bat for Wanderers fans at Tuesday's "Nanny State" inquiry that was held to tackle the ongoing problems of policing at WSW games.

Leyonhjelm used the term 'ACAB' at the enquiry, with Weber describing the comments and their repetition as “appalling, and an outrage to police".

“The Senator by repeating those comments and backing them up is not acting how any elected official should behave. Such attitudes and vitriol are, and always will be, an affront to community decency and values," Weber said in a PANSW press release.

“Fringe dwellers should have no platform to promote and extend their extremist views, especially at a time when police officers are themselves under the most serious threat levels in our history.”

Weber went on to call for Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull to reverse the decision by his predecessor to appoint Senator Leyonhjelm.

"As we heard on the Ray Hadley show, the Senator is even recommending a dedicated area at soccer games where people can let off flares!  If you think flares and crowd violence are not dangerous, you just need to look at what’s occurred around the world, including the death of a South American child in 2013 by a flare," the release continued.

“This is an elected official who wants to arm school teachers for safer schools, but wants police to stand by and let a group of grubs intimidate families, chant filthy sexual slurs at opposing fans in front of children and take over the streets every game day.

“He wants police to fall-back and allow thugs to ruin the beloved game for everyone in the State. The safety and security of the Australian public should be more valuable to the Turnbull government than the Senate support of irrelevant outsiders.”

Weber added: “Anyone who thinks what has been happening at Western Sydney Wanderers games, and in the hours before them, is not dangerous needs to take a long hard look at themselves. Police are there to protect everyone – even these grubs.

“If Senator David Leyonhjelm is representative of the thinking of a majority of Senators then maybe it's time to re-think if the people of Australia need a Senate at all.

“Regrettably the comments made by the Senator can’t be responded to by the NSW Police Commanders at this time. Again, it seems that safety of the community and fans is not paramount in this Senator’s mind.”