Young ‘embarrassed’ by Sydney wonder goals

Brisbane goalkeeper Jamie Young admits it was embarrassing to be on the wrong end of Marc Janko’s wonder strike but has vowed he and his Roar teammates will improve.

Janko scored one of the goals of the season, and his first for Sydney FC, after chesting down a Young clearance and volleying the ball past the 29-year-old during the first half of the Sky Blues’ 2-0 win on Friday.

Milos Dimitrijevic then added further insult in the second half when he curled home a stunner over the former England youth international from outside the box to seal the victory.

The Roar custodian told FourFourTwo they were disappointing goals to concede.

“I thought Sydney were a very organised team and they had a very good strategy to negate us,” Young said.

“They executed it quite well. The first one, my clearance should have been higher in terms of the trajectory. It probably would have gone further up the field. It wasn’t the worse clearance in the world but it wasn’t a great one, it was quite poor.

“The guy took a touch and hit a wonderful strike and it very much embarrassed me. When those type of goals happen I can only take my hat off and say it was a tremendous strike.

“The second one, it was a bit unlucky when we tried to play out and it hit the referee. They played some neat interplay there and he hit one in the top corner.

“Very disappointing – maybe goals that, a yard back, for the second goal I could have got a hand to it. But that’s the beauty of hindsight. Disappointing.”

Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold said after the match that part of his game plan was to exploit Young being off his line.

“I think teams are negating the way that we play,” Young said.

“We have to look at a way to combat that ourselves. I think their manager spoke about certain tendencies that I have in terms of goalkeeping, it’s more than fair that other people have strategies.

“You’d expect the opposition team to have a strategy and what they can exploit. The main thing for me, personally, is looking at my own game and looking at things I can improve on.

“I try not to focus on what other people say, more so at looking at my own game. In terms of the rest of team we’ve now got a window of opportunity to really look to negate how teams nullify us. I’m sure the powers that be, the manager and assistant manager, will be looking to do that.”

Young said it has been a difficult opening to the season, with no points from the Roar’s first three games, but Brisbane isn’t throwing in the towel.

“It’s been a difficult start for us, for whatever reason,” he said.

“You can say this, that or the other, but you can’t really sugarcoat that. It’s zero and three isn’t it. That’s probably the most disappointing thing because this club’s got such huge stature in terms of the success it’s had.

“There’s been a bit of bad luck there and there are things that we need to improve on as well. But the main thing is you don’t drop your head, you take it on the chin and you look at working even harder to make sure these things don’t happen.”

The Roar has this weekend off with their next game against Melbourne City at Suncorp Stadium on November 8. City have yet to win a game this season with two draws and a loss from their first three matches.

Young added: “They’ve not only got David Villa, they’ve got Damian Duff,” Young said.

“They’re very much a club on the up, they’re a positive club so it will be a tough game. I don’t think there’s any easy games in the A-League.

“They’ll be a tough team to play against but the main thing for us is look at things that have happened and how we can improve, that’s the biggest thing.”