Adidas shows class in December's new boot range

adidas have just unveiled their new December line-up for 2015, a duo of their two pioneering boots. The X and ACE have been bathed in a smooth black and white combo, with subtle touches of green and pink accents throughout the pair. Engineered for two different styles of play, the X and ACE have made a significant impact on the market since the entire adidas revamp. Change was inevitable, but adidas delivered the best possible change they could. 


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Developed specifically for those who are bound to create absolute chaos, terrorise defenders and destroy everything in their path, the X from adidas is a game changer. Utilising the X-Cage, the X 15.1 is able to give the chaos creators optimum fit and support for when they go side to side, up and down, and tear up all the turf below; which is where the X-Claw comes into play. Made to be worn on both synthetic and natural playing surfaces to make your way around the field, the stud configuration which forms the X-Claw delivers optimum traction and penetration to keep your feet in the game. The unreal comfort and ball control is derived from the X-Skin upper, topped off with Non-Stop Grip to make sure the ball stays at your feet all day, no matter what the weather has to say.

Need to control everything that the X had left off with? Introducing the ACE. Control will be engraved into your play since this is all the ACE is about. Ctrl/fit makes sure you are given the best fit possible in the heel area, providing a comfortable lock-down sensation. More control is upheld to you with Ctrl/web constructing the rest of the upper, a 3D surface to make your first touch nothing but killer. Implemented Non-Stop Grip makes sure you get that extra bit of control, just in case you haven't had enough already. Distributing control in the ground and on the ball, Ground/control keeps you up and roaring through the turf, and controlling the ball beneath its multi-stud configuration. With all that said and done, how do both models tailored for two different yet equally decisive types of players perform?

From extensive tests both in training and game, we were able to identify how both models can assure they assist the Chaos and Control makers. The X is able to deliver a lightweight feel on feet and a thin touch on the ball, through being a lightweight boot and its thin, but plush to the touch X-Skin upper. The X-Claw had allowed us to play on both synthetic and natural grass and transferring between them with ease. Many have been sceptic on how a boot could be worn on both playing surfaces and if it would work out, and we can confirm is has worked: brilliantly. Support, support and more support is what we felt throughout the midfoot of the X. It’s incredible how such a lightweight and comfortable concept like the X-Cage was bringing us that much support, where it’s most needed. The X offered us plenty of comfort, and with every session the boot was worn, it got more and more comfortable. We may not have played quite like Gareth Bale or Luis Suarez, but we were close enough while wearing the X…

Moving onto the ACE was an equally pleasant and enjoyable experience much like the X was. We knew the ACE was going to provide us with a different playing experience, but we didn’t expect it too be as good as what we did got. First up, the Ctrl/fit truly did lock our heels in place which meant the fit was up to the standards us boot enthusiasts love to feel. From the heel onwards, the Ctrl/web took minimal time to truly soften up and feel plush, but after that initial break-in period the ACE delivered unreal touch to the ball. It is thin, yet still able to deliver a slightly plush and padded feel. Due to the amplifications in the upper from the Ctrl/web, protection can be a given has you now have a surface to absorb the impact from hard knocks and wayward studs. Gives good control and important protection; not bad! The Ground/ctrl stud configuration is a what we come to expect from a boot that is targeted towards ‘controlling the game’. Controlling the ball with the soles of your feet is a pleasure as the forefoot of the soleplate is a lot flatter, but it is still capable of providing traction on the ground below: again, on both synthetic and natural grass playing surfaces. This is the best boot we have experienced when it comes to controlling the ball with the bottom of your feet.

The X and ACE models have lived up to their name. We put them to the test to make your decision easier. Both are absolutely incredible boots that we have to applaud adidas for engineering. Now its your choice and time to be the difference: Chaos or Control? X or ACE?