Nathan Coe's guide to game-day

Melbourne Victory goalkeeper Nathan Coe takes us through his game-day breakfast, music, exercises etc

Eat well

“I’ll have some fruit salad in the morning with some muesli with lots of seeds, like Chia and Goji berries. I’ll normally have a green drink in the morning too.

More after the break

“For lunch, it’ll be an omelette with kale, ginger and onion, plus half an avocado. I’ll have yoghurt with more muesli as a pre-match meal or a quinoa salad with some chops.”

Use time in the change-rooms wisely

“In terms of warming up, I like to do a bit of rolling, stretching and loosen up inside the change room.

“Myself and Archie (Thompson) quite often play a bit of handball pre-game to get our hand-eye co-ordination in. You don’t get that much time outside pre-game, so you want to get as ready as you can inside, so you’re not wasting time.”

Goalkeeping exercise of choice?

“We’ll play handball against the wall with a rubber bouncy ball the size of a tennis ball. We’ll have two balls, one goalkeeper in front, one behind and we’ll throw the balls against the wall and both catch the other's throw. It makes you bend down and develop your flexibility movement pre-game.

“It’s also about hand-eye co-ordination, seeing the ball, moving towards the ball. The theory is if you can catch the small ball, you can catch the big ball.”

Have a game-day mix of tunes

“I have music which I do like to listen to on game day. It does change, there will be certain things, sometimes on the way to the stadium I’ll listen to rock music like Kings Of Leon but once I get there I’ll listen to rap music. 

"Last week it was Eminem ‘I’m Not Afraid’ and ‘I’m The Greatest’ by R. Kelly. I have a game-day mix, with Kid Kudi, Jay Z and Kanye West. I like their lyrics for pre-game, but it’s about what works for you.”

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