Fine tune your finishing

Make a decision early and stick to it, says Cardiff City's marksman Nicky Maynard

“I always hesitate when I get one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Do you have any tips to help me score more goals in this situation?”
Phillip Saunders, via email

Nicky Maynard says:

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“When you get played through one-on-one, the first thing you need to do is get the ball under control. Then look up at the keeper and decide what to do.

The two worst things you can do are hesitate or rush. There’s a fine line between rushing and taking your time because everything happens so fast.

You have to think quickly but stay composed. Make a decision early and stick to it. If the goalkeeper rushes off his line and makes himself big, I try to keep my shot low and as close to his feet as possible – without making it easy for him to block.

If he stands tall and you shoot low and close to him, it’s difficult for him to get down quickly and save.

At Bristol City we use a drill where I’ll be played through on goal 10 yards outside the 18-yard box. I’ll have three to four seconds to get a shot off.

If I run out of time the keeper wins. If you give yourself six to seven seconds it isn’t realistic. Give yourself a time limit.”

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