Hit the target with power

Rip that net before the keeper blinks thanks to one of England’s all-time deadliest marksmen
“I always seem to scuff my shots when I’m through on goal. How do you manage to strike and finish with such power?”
Peter Cohan, via email

Alan Shearer says:

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“The most important thing when hitting the ball with power is getting your head and knee over it to keep the shot down.

Striking through the ball with the laces generates power, but practise using the inside of your foot, the outside and the front, so you’re confident that in a one-on-one, you’ll be better than the keeper.

If you lean back, the ball will go miles over. If you get over it, you’ve got half a chance of scoring.

The key is to hit the target. You can have the best strike in the world, but if you’re off-target it’s not going in.

You’ve got a split-second to decide when in on goal and that’s what defines a great player: making the right decision and executing it.

Upper-body strength is needed to hold off defenders, and lower-body strength helps with balance and the power of your shot. I worked hard in the gym from age 16 to 22 and it served me well later in my career.”

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