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Statistics form a huge basis of how football is viewed nowadays; from in depth post-match analysis to selecting players for an elite role. A footballers hard work and dedication all comes down to the data and figures, but much of this is only reserved for those in the elite side of things… how about those dreaming of the elite role one day? 

StatsOne is able to keep track and provide all of these stats through it’s new revolutionary app. Shots, passes, crosses, goals, time spent on field and assists are all things that are essential to understand how you play your game. The free app is able to record all of this for you - just ask your mate or parent to help out!

After the whistle blows, you are able to view your stats instantly, by logging in with your phone and checking your scorecard. Once 3 scorecards have been completed, your performance can be analysed over time. The app is able to display trend lines, where you can instantly compare matches and see how you stack up in comparison to your previous performances. Had an absolute field day out on the turf and want to brag a little? Too easy, just push your scorecard onto Facebook and allow everyone to admire your brilliant performance. 

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Once you hit 5 scorecards, the app will compare your average performance to the top 100 players of the English Premier League, so you can see just how much you stack up against the most elite. After you hit 10 scorecards, you can choose to share your stats with scouts and players’ agents to get ready for your next career move… never know how high up the ranks you may end up!

To get started all you need is the free StatsOne app, available in the iTunes Store or Google Play, and register with your email address. 

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