Zullo: Cross to the 'magic zone'

Socceroo Michael Zullo talks about how to catch out the defence with a vicious cross which plants the seeds of doubt in the backline's minds

Create doubt in the defence’s mind

“The most important thing with crossing is to get it into a good area. 

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"It may be cliché but most of the time when you’re crossing you’re not really aiming for anyone, you’re aiming to get it in between the last defender and the goalkeeper and create some doubt in their minds."

Aim for the ‘magic zone’

“Once it’s in a good area it’s the attacker’s job to get the end of it in that little magic zone. If the defender gets something on it, it can be an own goal or if the keeper doesn’t come the striker gets a great chance.” 

Assess the situation

“An early cross can cause a lot of havoc if you’re breaking out and there’s a lot of space behind the defenders that makes them turn and face their own goal which is really difficult. 

“The best angle to cross from is the byline, but it depends on different situations.”

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