Malik: Always believe in your ability

Adelaide United’s Osama Malik talks about his best piece of advice, mellow pre-game music & staying disciplined

Best piece of advice

“It may be a massive cliché, but I always go back to it. My former coach told me once to always believe in yourself and believe in your ability.

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“Even though the words may not mean much to some people, that’s remained in my head for a long time. Above everything, if you have absolute confidence in your ability it’ll hold you in good stead for a long time.”

Keep it mellow pre-game

“I always listen to music before the game. Some of the stuff I listen to is a bit unusual. It’s not your heavy, fast music. 

"I prefer to listen to something mellow. It gets me in a good mind space before a game. I can be a loner pre-game but it works for me.”

Holding mids must stay disciplined

“Discipline is massive. The holding role is like a sweeper behind the midfield. You’re there to protect the back four as well.

“Discipline very important because you don’t want to get dragged out of position and leave the back four exposed.

“When you’re under the pump you’re doing a whole lot of work, so it’s important to communicate with the players around you which means sometimes you’re running around looking like an idiot.”

Communicate, communicate, communicate 

“As important as it is to speak to the players ahead of you, it’s critical to have the players behind you talking to you. They can see the game from behind you and sometimes have a better picture of the potential dangers around you.”

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