Marcos Flores: How to deal with a man marker

How do you escape the attention of a man marker? Melbourne Victory playmaker Marcos Flores reveals his tips...

As the quality and pace of the A-League continues to improve with every season, space and time on the ball in congested midfield areas is increasingly at a premium.

For playmakers like Melbourne Victory’s Marcos Flores, this can be made more complicated by the opposition coach giving one of his players the task of man marking the opposition’s danger man to specifically limit the impact he can have on the game.

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The challenge for the playmaker is to escape the attention of his man marker for long enough and often enough to have a positive impact on the game for his team.

Here Marcos shares his tips for being elusive in midfield and getting free from a man marker.

Watch the video and learn from one of the A-League's most skilful midfield artists.

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