Pre-Season Guide - Possession Game 2

Possession games offer a great way to build both fitness and touch in preseason.

Possession games are a great way to build both fitness and touch simultaneously and as such should form a vital part of any pre-season schedule.


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Here - there is a 5 v 5 in the central area with 4 additional players on the perimeters who are available to be used by theteam with the ball to maintain possession.


Begin with all-in but you can quickly progress to two or even one touch for the players on the outside and eventually to three or two touch for the players on the inside as well. This will then naturally lead to a quickening of the pace of the game and an increase in intensity to get the desired conditioning effect.

Swap the players on the outside at regular intervals.

Further progressions can include the players only being allowed to pass to those players on the outside wearing the same colour bibs as them. This then brings a directional element into the game with teams trying to move the ball from one side of the area to the other.

This can then progress to a rotation with the player on the outside so when the ball is passed to a player on the outside he brings the ball into the area with his first touch and the player who passed the ball out replaces him on the outside of the area. This encourages a continual rotation of players removing the need to stop the game to do this.

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