Pre-Season Guide - Possession Game 3

Possession games offer a great way to build both fitness and touch in preseason.

Possession games are a great way to build both fitness and touch simultaneously and as such should form a vital part of any pre-season schedule.

In this game we have 5 v 5 in a designated area 20-30m square depending on the age and ability of the players. In each of the corners is a marked square and to score a goal the team in possession has to play the ball to a team mate inside the corner scoring zone and then he has to play the ball back out to a team mate.

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To begin with you can stop defending players being allowed within the corner zones to make it easier and then gradually make it more difficult as the players get to grips with the exercise. Limiting touches can also make it more difficult for more advanced players. To make it easier you could allocate a "joker" - a neutral player who plays for whoever has possession to create an overload for the team in possession.

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