Ron Smith’s Quick Tip – Quick Transition

Former FFA Performance & Match Analysis Ron Smith offers his expert analysis on a match simulation drill to work on executing quick transition in possession

The ability to transition from defence into attack at rapid speed is vital in the modern game.

Ron Smith describes such an excellent match simulation drill aimed at improving team’s ability to make the transition in numbers.

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The key point, strength in numbers

Start with five reds vs two yellows and one yellow defender in their own half.

One of the reds can drop into the end-zone to receive a pass but the yellows can’t defend in the end-zone.

Once the reds have made three-to-four passes they can progress, creating a 2 v 1 or 3 v 1 to get one of them and the ball into the opposition end-zone.

If successful, all players re-group to make 5 v 2 again and play continues.

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