Ruben's pre-game 'relax routine'

Newcastle Jets midfielder Ruben Zadkovich discusses the importance of a relaxed pre-game routine, but how to get focused and pumped on game day
The night before

“The biggest thing for me the night before a game is to ensure you’re relaxed. You try not to think too much about the game. It’s more about what you’ve done on the training park.

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“Nothing you can do from your final session until the game is mentally going to help. All your hard work is done. It’s important to relax, get a good night’s rest, eat well and stay hydrated.”

The day of

“The day of the game it’s a bit different. You start to prepare yourself for the actual game and you start to focus on what you’re going to be doing. 

"You start thinking what kind of game doing I want to have today, what am I going to achieve, what do I bring to the team. It’s different for different players, but for me, it's important to begin to focus."

“Gameday, you eat well, you hydrate and you make sure you get plenty of energy and fuel into the body. 

"Then you start focusing and preparing and once you get to the game you’re usually pretty pumped.”

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