Scott Loach: Bounce back from a howler

Ipswich Town's number one Scott Loach tells you how to regain your confidence after making a blunder
I’ve made a few howlers in goal this season. How can I regain my confidence?
James Wilson, via email

Scott Loach says:

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“If you make a howler you’ve got to come out smiling. I didn’t do too well for England in the U21 Euro Championship final, but I just tried to think, ‘I’m playing in a final: try to enjoy it and smile.’

You’ve got to try and not let the mistake bother you. Focus on what’s happening in the present – you can’t change the past.

Instead of beating yourself up, imagine yourself saving the next shot. If you tense up, you’re always worried about the next one, thinking, ‘I’ve got to hold this.’ Just relax and think, ‘I can do this. I’m only human: I’m going to make mistakes every now and then.’

Be confident and trust your instincts. If a ball comes in, try to catch it to take the pressure off, but if you’re coming for the ball and you have to punch it, then that’s what you do. Take control of your area.
Don’t get caught in two minds as you’ll end up doing nothing. Make your mind up early and do it.”

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