Sebastien Bassong: How to defend against a target man

Nullify the threat of a target man with tips from Norwich City's Cameroon international, Sebastien Bassong
“Every team in my league seems to play long ball to a big lump upfront, which is so hard to defend against. What tactics do you use?”
Stefan Duda, via email

Sebastien Bassong says:
“When you play against someone like Peter Crouch you’re never going to win the aerial battle so the best thing to do is play for the second ball.

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He will want to set up his team-mates so you have to be first to the knock-down. You have to be in contact with that player and on your toes to clear it.

The long ball is a difficult tactic to defend against because the opposition are sending the ball straight into your box.

When the ball is in your box there’s more chance you’re going to concede a goal. If you can keep the ball outside the box you’re safer.

Defending against Didier Drogba is different. He’s quicker and more powerful than Crouch. It doesn’t matter who the defender is: if a good ball comes to him, he’ll win it. 

If it’s straight on his head he’s going to flick it on; if it’s into his chest you just have to wait and see what he’ll try to do with the ball. With a player like him you have to adapt to the situation.”

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