Smeltz: Take pride in preparation

Perth Glory's star striker Shane Smeltz talks about his preparation for games and staying motivated in pre-season

Preparation is key

“I take pride in what I do away from the field. For me, preparation for a game or a season starts early. 

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“You certainly can’t just focus on a game on a Thursday or Friday before the game. It starts on the Sunday or Monday early in the week. You’ve got to watch what you eat, watch how you sleep.

Train like you mean it

“I like to get into training quite early and make sure my body is in order. You need to make sure once you’re out there for training, you’re ready to go.”

Find motivation in pre-season

“That’s a tough one for me because I’ve usually got a busy schedule with internationals. This off-season I’ve had some time off and that builds hunger to want to get back into training and playing again.

“Certainly, the excitement of looking forward to the season is enough to get you motivated and up for it.”

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