BFB Champions

2 December 2016
The ace mobile game BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off features a tie-in with Captain Tsubasa, the Japanese cartoon character loved by the likes of Messi, Zidane and Del Piero. But who’d make an all-time fictional lineup?
18 November 2016
Don’t lie: you can’t help but be envious of your neighbours’ prized possessions sometimes…
Diego Maradona best moments
21 October 2016
October 20 marked the 40th anniversary of the Argentine great’s professional debut. He’s also the face of the smashing new mobile game BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off...
14 October 2016
If you’ve not already been sucked into the brand new mobile game, where’ve you been? Heed advice from our latest guide here
14 October 2016
Fine-tune those troops to take on the world – and win…
7 October 2016
Stuff your squad with the new mobile management game’s finest stars, and wipe the floor with your competition
7 October 2016
Learn how you can take on the world in the ace new football management mobile game
30 September 2016
So you've downloaded the game now (well, you should have). But how do you build up your troops so they're ready to win? Take our advice...
30 September 2016
The need-to-know info about BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off – coming to a mobile device in your pocket soon
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