The 21 worst club badges in world football

Seriously, though: what the hell were they thinking? 

21. Chelsea

Unlike the roaring beast that dominated the Blues’ badge from 1986 to 2005, this incarnation of the Chelsea lion is far from intimidating.

Numerous changes were made in the revamp of an older crest, so there’s no excuse for a supposedly ferocious creature merely looking miffed that an opposition striker has beaten its offside trap. Or is that what Chelsea were going for?

Alternatively, the king of the jungle may have been distracted in the middle of doing something important. “And so, I present to you the keys of the city, for serv – oh hi, Bill, didn’t see you there.”

20. Benevento Calcio

At the time of writing, Benevento are third in Serie B and unbeaten, following a 4-0 win at Bari. They could soon be in Serie A, facing Juventus.

A team facing Juventus should not have this crest. Has that witch even made it off the ground? What sort of crest makes you ask that question?

19. FC Sheriff Tiraspol

Serial Moldovan championship winners and regular Europa League botherers, Sheriff were founded by a company called Sheriff, play at the Sheriff Stadium and have a sheriff’s badge as their… well, badge. Clearly someone’s a big John Wayne fan. Still, putting a star above a star, which features a football made of stars, might just be overkill.

18. Warriors

Warriors were called Singapore Armed Forces FC until 2013. They have never been nicknamed the Rhinos. But when the S.League (yes, that is how they punctuate it) insisted all mascots have to be animals, rejecting Warriors’ warrior, the club opted for a rhino instead, despite nobody being able to draw one. Their attempt is so naff, it’s almost good. The key word there is ‘almost’.

17. Rayo Vallecano

While FFT loves the fantastically left-wing Madrid side, we think it’s a step too far to use the club crest to lay into capitalism by displaying a stock market crash.




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Don't forget the shite show that is Rayo OKC. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

Regardless of the team that can cheer a person, this article is inappropriate to send, ridiculous, disrespectful, stupid and offensive to the 21 clubs that have their own history and their pride. And then to be able to criticize a coat of arms or a company logo you first need to know their history and why and why of what they represent all the elements that are part of the shield that represents them. The journalist who wrote this article offensive and distasteful proves to be just an ignorant on the subject and a person that knows no respect. You should just be ashamed.
Now as a fan of Calcio Catania in 1946 I explain this pseudo journalist of the MIA team logo.
The elephant is the symbol of the city of Catania that in the main square has a statue with a big elephant with an obelisk above, this town the center-periphery has 1 million inhabitants, Catania is an Italian city located in the eastern part of the Sicily region, the colors red and blue are the colors of the City, the vintage ball is the ball that was used during the period of the founding of Catania and then when it was created the logo, whose day was September 24, 1946 in fact a few days ago, the company celebrated its seventieth birthday, the ball is great to emphasize that this is a football team while the elephant is behind the shield like all warriors going into battle, holding the shield in front to protect themselves from the attacks of the enemy.
It was not so hard to understand, but unfortunately not everyone has a brain and not all are quite insightful to understand things, and then dear '' reporter '' let me say, in the end if you do not like, but that the importance fuck, given that you're nobody and nothing accounts.
You're just a journalist from nothing, no one in our country had never heard of you. So a simple unknown.

P.S. The emblem of Catania in my humble opinion is one of the nicest, if not the most beautiful, the coat of arms of professional football and not the world.

Greetings from the City of Catania.

When it's possible read the football story of Italy. Genoa is the oldest footclub in Italy founded in 1893 from english men (James Spensley). Genoa in Italy make the history, the other can only read it!!
Respect please

Dear Mr Davies,
Genoa Cricket and Football Club was founded in Genoa in 1893 by a group of British. It's the oldest club of Italy. Its badge has three main elements. 1. the St. George flag, i.e. the Genoese flag, the same adopted by England during middle age (England paid for that a sort of copyright). 2. the Gryphon, another historical symbol of Genoa (and of London as well). 3. the Red and Blue background, adopted in 1901 after the death of Queen Victoria, in Her honor. You should study History before writing offensive and petty sentences. My poor hack... be more respectful!

I saw your selection of best badges... now I got it. It's a loss of time to discuss with you. FU

I saw your selection of best badges... now I got it. It's a loss of time to discuss with you. FU

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